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Don’t miss out on milk’s benefits

Wednesday, 2 August 2017 : Milk is an excellent source of many essential nutrients that are important for your child’s proper growth and development, such as vitamin D, calcium, and many others.

Unfortunately, several studies indicate that Malaysian children and adolescents are not consuming adequate quantities of milk and milk products.

This trend of children drinking less milk as they grow older is made more troubling by the fact that it also corresponds with an increased intake of less nutritious sugary beverages, such as soft drinks or fruit-flavoured drinks.

These poor dietary habits contribute to the double burden of childhood obesity and malnutrition.

Milking the most out of a cup

With so much going for it, milk is one of the most nutritious beverages your child can take.

Here are some simple tips to help her meet her recommended daily serving by making it more palatable:

Chill it – Serve your child cold milk. You can either refrigerate the milk beforehand or add a few ice cubes just before serving it.

Mix it with drinks – Use fresh, UHT or powdered milk instead of sweetened condensed milk when making beverages, such as coffee or tea.

Shake it up – Make a milkshake or smoothie that features milk as the main ingredient. You can make many different varieties just by adding fruits, biscuits, peanut butter or chocolate to it. Get creative and make your own house specialty!

Lactose intolerant – Children who are lactose intolerant can usually tolerate small amounts of milk (approximately ½ cup, taken at intervals throughout the day).

Alternatively, let your child have fermented milk products, such as yoghurt or cheese.

Add it to your recipes – Look for recipes that feature milk and incorporate them into your repertoire of meals for your family. It could range from baking cookies, making puddings, or even adding it to mushroom or chicken soup in order to make it creamy. You can even add milk to scrambled eggs for a delicious dish.

Alternatively, use milk as a replacement for coconut milk (santan).

Great pick-me-up’– After a long day at school or a tiring morning or afternoon of activities (e.g. football, badminton, or swimming), an ice-cold cup of milk may be just the thing your child needs to help her recover.

Flavoured milk is also acceptable provided she does not drink it excessively.

There is even scientific evidence that shows milk is better for restoring the body’s fluid balance after intense exercise.

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