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‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch On That Possible Spider-Man Connection

Friday, 28 July 2017 :  That’s how director David Leitch feels about taking over on “Deadpool 2.” Leitch told the “Deadpool” sequel will respect the original film while also allowing him to put his stamp on it—a stamp which you can see in “John Wick” and the director’s thrilling new movie “Atomic Blonde.”

In a “Deadpool 2” teaser, which aired in theaters before “Logan” earlier this year, an old man is killed while the titular hero struggles to put his costume on in a phone booth (typical superhero problems). However, following the teaser, fans started speculating that the victim wasn’t just any old man: That dude might’ve been Spider-Man’s uncle, Ben Parker.

As evidence, people pointed out everything from how the victim died to the fact that Deadpool gets excited about the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that lies by the man’s body.

Spider-Man and Deadpool have a storied history in the comics, so if this was Uncle Ben, and the universes were finally connected, it could open up all kinds of possibilities.

Alas, Leitch didn’t confirm anything (but he definitely didn’t deny it, either). Keep on speculating, people!

During our chat, the director opened up about the stairwell fight sequence in “Atomic Blonde,” which is what you will be talking about after leaving the film, and teased what we can expect in “Deadpool 2.”

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