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He has been making waves in the US recently, thanks to a television series, Into The Badlands.

The martial arts series has been renewed for a second season.

US actor Daniel Wu, 42, is now in Dublin filming the second season of Into The Badlands, which revolves around his character Sunny and a young boy as they journey through a dangerous feudal land seeking enlightenment.

Wu may be a seasoned actor in Hong Kong with his martial arts background, but he still finds the gruelling expectations of the show a little hard to handle.

He told TNP over the telephone on Tuesday that filming 11 or 12 fight scenes in the 10-episode series was “physically demanding” as they were shot at a “relentless pace”.


“In the first season, we shot in New Orleans during the summer so it was very hot. The temperature felt like 42 deg C and the humidity level was at 90 per cent, something like Singapore,” he said.

“We were wearing our leather jackets and fought in it every single day. I think I shot six days a week for three months straight and the heat was unbearable.

“I think that (dealing with the weather) was one of the most demanding parts of the role. And then in Ireland, it is extremely cold.”

He has a daughter, Raven, three, with his wife, actress Lisa Selesner, and filming in Ireland, with its shorter working hours, means he can see her more often.

Finding time to spend with his family has been difficult for Wu, because he has had only one day off each week.


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