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Good News For Reptile Lovers!!!
Nothing is more adventurous on your holiday then visiting a crocodile farm and watching the sharp-teethed alligators. Langkawi Crocodile Farm offers its visitors one such thrilling experience to know these dangerous and ferocious creatures more closely. The reptiles in Langkawi Crocodile Farm ranges from new-borns to world- record holders. Spread across sprawling 20 acres and located near Datai Bay, Langkawi Crocodile Farm is a fun place to be with friends and family.

The Bridge Pond

Is where the crocodile feeding show is held.

Juvenile Crocodile Pond

The place to feed the 2-3 years old crocodiles using the pellets that you can purchase from the farm.

Show Pond A & B

Will be an interesting place to be as the trainer will show you interesting stunts with the crocodiles.

Hooking Pond

Get your camera ready as you snap pictures of crocodiles jumping to get their food.

Crocodile Education Centre

Got feature talks and answers to any questions you may have.

You will get to see crocodiles of different ages and sizes. Most of the crocodiles are inactive, with many of them are lying around, soaking in the small pond or even sleeping with their mouths wide open.Try it!! its amazing and you will never forget all of exeperince in here!!Intrested?? Click the link above to enjoy your exeperience with us!!








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