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Corduroy fashion comes back

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 :  Corduroy with the same color with, is not all white, all black, so boring! Different from other materials of a single product, corduroy single product is most suitable for some high degree of color saturation, to do the same color with the body.

Whether it is the most classic brown corduroy dress, or wine red corduroy skirt, with a red coat, are a good choice for autumn texture.

If the beauty that the same color with the challenge is too big, it may wish to try use a black or white single product, with a corduroy single product.

In particular, cotton T-shirt is best suited to match with corduroy pants or skirts, and can just balance the corduroy gives a more stiff feeling, a little casual style.

Of course, every season, we are playing material mix and match. As long as you can mix and match the material to do, you easily is the style of the influx of people! You can choose a single sweater and other products, if you do not like too heavy feeling, then with tannin fabric, absolutely not wrong.

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