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Chinese military planes flew over East China Sea and the Sea of Japan

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Japan and South Korea have deployed their fighter jets after spotting Chinese military planes flying back and forth between the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan, according to Japanese and South Korean officials. 

Japanese defence ministry officials said on Tuesday that 8 Chinese jets flew over the Tsushima Strait in western Japan on Monday.

The officials said fighters from Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force were scrambled.

The Chinese aircraft did not violate Japan’s airspace.

The ministry officials said the Chinese aircraft were 6 H-6 bombers, plus an early-warning plane and an intelligence-gathering plane.

The Chinese planes headed northeast over the Sea of Japan and later made a U-turn and flew back to the East China Sea.

Around 10 Chinese planes also entered the Korean air defence identification zone for five hours on Monday, prompting South Korea to launch “a sortie of fighter jets”, and send a warning signal to the Chinese planes.  These planes flew near a submerged rock located off the southern coast of Jeju island “several times”.

The submerged island, referred to by South Korea as Ieodo, is also included by China in its own air defence identification zone. 

South Korea responded by sending 10 F-15 and F-16 fighter jets to the area. 

Following the incident, The Japanese defence ministry said it was analysing the flights in order to determine their purpose.

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