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China captured the, the US military asked to return


US Department of Defense officials said Friday that a Chinese navy warships in the South China Sea captured an international waters of the US marine survey ship deployed underwater unmanned reconnaissance craft.

He said the United States has issued a formal diplomatic note, the demand for China to return.

An unnamed US official said the incident occurred on Dec. 15 in the northwestern suburb of Subic Bay, when the US Navy’s Baodic marine survey vessel was about to retract an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

When the marine survey vessel is recovering unmanned underwater vehicle, the Chinese vessel, which has been trailing behind, has rushed past and illegally captured it.

A US defense official said, “They stole it.” The United States communicated with the Chinese through ship-to-ship correspondence, but they responded that they were in normal operation and then left the area.

The official said that the issue is being resolved through diplomatic channels.

US official statement is that the Chinese navy has been in the South China Sea waters of the high seas to capture a US scientific data to collect unmanned submarines, the United States has formally requested China to return.

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