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Check out the 3 pandemic fashion statements that went viral

The pandemic lockdown has certainly been difficult for those who love to dress up and show off. However, a few entrepreneurial and creative people have taken these challenges and made the most out of it!

A man in Kuching recently went viral on Facebook for his ingenious idea which defeated the MySejahtera app hands down.

Probably tired of constantly whipping out his smartphone to show his vaccination certificate, he had the whole thing printed on his singlet.

Based on the picture, he received both doses of Sinovac at the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching.

Netizens commended his out-of-the-box thinking and tagged their friends in the comments section.

“People who want to go out should wear this. Hahaha, it makes our lives easier,” a user commented.

If you aren’t keen on flaunting your vaccination status, you can opt for an eye-catching N95-inspired tote bags which costs RM15.90.

The roomy design may not protect you from the virus but you can carry a lot of disinfectants on the road with you. Remember to toss in a bottle of hand sanitiser, spare masks, and a pack of alcohol wipes before heading out.

The design of the bag is simple in black or white colours with the words, “Stop Covid-19. Let’s pull together and return fair weather.” (*ahem* you get what you pay for).

There’s also a mini version if you don’t want to lug around a gigantic bag which costs RM12.90.

Over in Indonesia, a face mask bag went viral in Instagram. A fabric printing company, Arlie Percetakan Kain, created a surgical mask-inspired bag.

Due to its bright blue colour, the bag will certainly turn heads wherever you go. According to Mothership, the prices of the bag depend on the printing cost and the type of fabric. Fortunately, they ship to Malaysia as well.

Which pandemic fashion statement is your favourite?

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