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Céline Dion Suits Up for Paris Fashion Shoot

Saturday, 08 July 2017 :   The 49-year-old singer and mother-of-three gave us all the glorious gift of her dramatic posing yesterday as she was photographed hamming it up during a Paris fashion shoot in the garden of Palais Royal.

She modeled a gray tweed jacket and matching skirt for the shoot, which were paled in comparison to the over-sized black hat that accessorized the look. But let’s be honest, all of is took second place to her facial expressions and posing skills.

From exaggerated twirls to tree-hugging, hand shears to finger guns to ladders, the girl sure knows how to take an idea and run with it…not to mention, her angles! It’s also important to note she gave a plethora of Zoolander-worthy faces, which included pouty lips and smizes.

What better way to show off a skirt than with a dramatic twirl?

Looks like she stole this pose from one of Paris’ esteemed public sculptures.

The hand shears makes it look like this photo is should be straight out of a horror movie, right?!

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