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‘Running Man’ parodies ‘Squid Game’ in upcoming episode

Popular variety programme Running Man will be parodying Squid Game for its upcoming episode, airing on Oct 17 in South Korea.

This particular episode – said to be titled Webfoot Octopus Game – kicks off with the Running Man cast members receiving an invitation from masked men to participate in a mysterious game that promises to change their lives.

And like in the megahit Netflix series, they wake up in a strange place to blaring sound of siren and are wearing those famous green tracksuits.

Song Ji-hyo, Kim Jong-kook, Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Seok-jin, Haha, Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min must then compete in various children’s games to win the prize.

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Car racing film ‘The Catcher’ may be Malaysia’s highest-budgeted movie

Announced at the press conference on Oct 4, 2021, was the launch of possibly the highest-invested movie ever in Malaysian history, The Catcher, in collaboration with Labuan Overseas Holding, and Robotz, and produced by Hundred Years Popcorn Production.

The movie aims to boost the tourism industry in Malaysia that's been hit hard during the pandemic.

"We shall utilise the distinctive attributes of a certain brand and its historical business value to develop Intellectual Properties (IPs) with high-value accreditation, based on racing car performance brands that can be spun-off into brand-licensed hotels, auto city, petrol stations, theme parks, etc.” said Ong Peng Chu, founder of Hundred Years Popcorn Production.

With a budget of more than

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Japan Foundation celebrates cultural significance of ‘tenugui’ textile art

Following the success of the Furoshiki Design Contest held in February this year, the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) is now accepting submissions for the Tenugui Design Contest.

Tenugui is a traditional Japanese cotton towel that is a staple in Japanese homes.

The long sides are finished with selvage, which prevents it from unravelling or fraying.

The short sides are simply cut, with the “unfinished” edge an important part of the aesthetic. The loose threads are a part of a tenugui’s appeal, and it is a mark of their authenticity. It comes in a standard size of 35cm x 90cm.

“This rectangular towel is used as an everyday item such as a washcloth or dishcloth, but also as decoration, a present or souvenir, or as a wrap or as a h

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Singer JJ Lin’s post on badminton noticed by Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei

A social media post by home-grown singer JJ Lin led to some friendly banter between him and some of his celebrity pals.

On Saturday (Oct 9), the Taiwan-based singer, who is back in Singapore, posted a photo with his father.

He wrote: "Badminton bros. I played badminton with my dad every Friday when I was five years old. Now that I have grown up, I still play badminton with my dad on Friday."

Lin, 40, also posted a video of himself in action at the OCBC Arena at Singapore Sports Hub.

His good friend, singer Hong Junyang, commented with a pleading-face emoji. Actor Shaun Chen chipped in: "Bro, let's invite @jjlin and uncle to play next time."

Malaysian badminton star Lee Chong Wei responded to Chen: "You beat me first before playing with @jjli

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Singer Adele says upcoming album ’30’ is ‘a rollercoaster of emotion’

Adele, the 15-time Grammy winner with over 120 million records sold globally, had her first sit-down interview in five years with Vogue, to discuss her fourth studio album, 30, her divorce and inevitable return to the spotlight.

The star, who gave her last one-on-one interview in 2016, said, "I have to sort of gear myself up to be famous again, which, famously, I don't really like being."

In the past five years, the Hello star has been raising her son Angelo and gotten married and divorced to her now ex-husband, Simon Konecki. Adele said the new album explains her life changes, but is ultimately a letter to her now nine-year-old son.

"My son has had a lot of questions. Really good questions, really innocent questions, that I

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Pork knuckle with sauerkraut crisps, anyone?

Germany might be known for its love of potatoes, but when it comes to crisps, few parts of Europe are more notorious for their lack of variety on the salty snack shelf.

While crisp-makers in the United States, Britain and other Western countries experiment with lesser-known herbs and dinner flavours, crisps in Germany are still dominated by one single flavour: paprika.

But now after years of near monopoly, the red pepper-spiced crisp appears to have fresh competition.

Enter pork knuckle with sauerkraut crisps.

Germany, deprived of its best-known beer festival due to remaining restrictions on large events, is now taking home the taste of Oktoberfest in snack form.

Oliver Numrich with a bag of his pork knuckle and sauerkraut crisps, a rare deviation from the paprik</p>
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Who will be the next James Bond?

There are few casting decisions as hotly anticipated as the question of who will be the next 007, with many expecting that a black Bond or even female Bond is on the cards.

Daniel Craig, a somewhat reluctant Bond at times, has had one foot out of the tuxedo almost from the moment he took on the role back in 2006.

But No Time To Die appears really to be his fifth and final outing, and so the rumour mill is back in action.

For years, certain names have been closely linked to the role which has previously been played by stars including Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan.

Tom Hardy

Craig was an attempt to toughen up Bond after Her Majesty's top agent was threatened by an American - Jason Bourne - and

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‘Oz’ star Granville Adams dies at 58 after long battle with cancer

Granville Adams, the actor best known for his performance as Zahir Arif on HBO's Oz, has died following a long struggle with cancer.

He was 58 years old.

The news was shared in a tribute posted by Oz showrunner and executive producer Tom Fontana on his Instagram on Sunday (Oct 10).

"Goodnight, sweet prince/and flights of angels sing thee to they rest," Fontana wrote.

Fontana and Oz star Dean Winters launched a GoFundMe campaign earlier this year to help Adams and his family pay for the actor's medical care.

The campaign had gone on to raise US$99,800 (RM416,215), exceeding its US$69,500 goal, though it remained active as Adams continued to require treatment.

"As many of you know, our friend and bro

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Redefining fine cuisine with creative culinary compositions

Never interview a chef when you are on an intermittent fast. That’s what I discovered during my Zoom call with Darren Chin of DC Restaurant and Bref fame. I was just at the tail-end of my 16-hour fast so it was torturous when Chin talked about his mouth-watering dishes and the fastidious way he went about preparing them.

Chin wasn’t exactly born with the proverbial culinary spoon in his mouth as his father wasn’t in the F&B business to begin with. It was only when he was 12 that his dad left Bandar Raya Development as a marketing director to pursue his own passion. Opening up Dave’s Deli in Bangsar Shopping Centre was Chin senior’s first foray into the restaurant business and little did he know it also spawned his son’s own gastronomic journey and for

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For British painter David Hockney, lockdown life has been a natural blessing

British artist David Hockney has always been a workhorse, so his months of lockdown in France were a welcome opportunity to devote himself to observing nature.

"I really enjoy looking," said the dapper 84-year-old.

"If you look at the world, it's very beautiful. But you've got to have a clear head and there's lots of things that stop you looking."

Hockney was speaking at the Musee de L'Orangerie in Paris, which is displaying the stunning fruits of that period in an exhibition, A Year In Normandy, that opens on Oct 13.

It features a 91m-long frieze made up from some of the 220 pictures he created during the strange year of solitude in 2020.

It is a clear nod to the 19th century masters of landscape, particularly Monet, who inha

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