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Can You Believe That She Is 50-years-old, Looks Like She’s 20 And Gets Mistaken For Son’s GF


Meet Ye Wen, who hails from He Nan,China.

She is 50-years-old, but can easily pass off as a woman in her 20s.

According to online reports, she started falling in love with gym and swimming in her 30s.

Her routine is to swim every single day and she also visits the gym two to three times a week.


Sometimes, she will also add some home workouts to her routine if she can find time. 

She was also filmed by a Korean TV channel (JTBC) swimming across The Straits of Malacca, Malaysia. 


When she posts a photo of herself with a young guy, they mistake him for being her boyfriend or husband.

However, those pictures her son, and she is commonly mistaken for being his girlfriend.


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