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Brush your teeth while you do your makeup

Friday, 11 August 2017 : Brushing our teeth is something we all do every morning and every night – at least in theory. Yet even the most fastidious among us have neglected our dental hygiene once in a while.

For repeat offenders, the Amabrush, a new device claiming to be the world’s first automatic toothbrush, might be just the ticket.

The small gadget looks like a mouth guard and fits over your teeth like a retainer. It has an in-built toothpaste dispenser, plus vibrating bristles that clean your teeth in just 10 seconds. And, best of all, it’s hands-free.

The project’s promotional video says that it can save you 100 days of brushing your teeth over the course of your lifetime. Enough time to write that novel you’ve always talked about, right?

Aid to the creative process or not, demand certainly seems to be high – the Amabrush has massively exceeded its initial Kickstarter target of US$50,000 (RM214,000). Supporters have pledged over US$1.6mil (RM6.85mil) to free themselves from arduous dental hygiene maintenance.

There’s a bit of a wait for the product to actually hit the shelves, though, as the Amabrush is still in the prototype phase.

You can pre-order it by pledging around US$90 (RM385). The makers estimate that it will be delivered to those who have supported the Kickstarter campaign in December 2017.

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