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Breaking in new high heel shoes faster

Friday, 30 June 2017 :  igh heel shoes are a form of torture for most women – especially if they have to be worn for hours at a time. One way to avoid the pain is to break the shoes in before wearing them.

Stylist Dagmar Dobrofsky suggests using a special stretching spray to make it easier for the shoes to match the shape of your foot. A similar effect is achieved by stuffing the shoes with damp paper overnight.

High heels should be broken in not just by wearing them at home but also where they will be worn most.

“Shoes are properly broken in when you no are longer conscious that you’re wearing them,” says Dobrofsky.

It usually becomes clear after just on day wearing the shoes where they are too tight on the foot. Placing a gel foot cushion on the spot will reduce pain. Shoes with a wide heel are always more comfortable to wear than stilettos.

If you do end up walking around in pain in tight new shoes, Dobrofsky advises against removing them to give your feet a break and putting them back on. “You won’t be able to get back into them,” she says. The best thing is to grit your teeth and walk as little as possible.

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