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Beware of cheap USB sticks with high storage capacity

Monday, 24 July 2017

In online shops, you’ll sometimes find offers that look too good to be true – very inexpensive USB sticks offering a large amount of data storage of one terabyte or more, for example.

Consumers should always view such offers with suspicion, experts say. Even if your computer suggests that the flash drive’s memory actually matches its advertised capacity, a cheap USB stick can usually store much less data, sometimes even resulting in data loss, according to the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Advice Centre in Germany.

If you’re looking for a USB memory stick with a large amount of storage, you should compare the advertised prices with those of reputable manufacturers before purchase.

Kingston, for example, does indeed offer a two-terabyte flash drive. But you’ll have to shell out some €4,000 to get your hands on it.

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