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Eating out is very common in Malaysia. Most of the population seldom cooks at home. The main reason is that eating out is generally cheaper than buying ingredients at the supermarket and cooking your own dishes. Another reason is that eating outside is part of the Malaysian (and other Asian) culture, there is no better place to get in touch with friends and relatives than during a delicious meal.

Most dishes in Malaysia are either based on rice or noodle. Malay dishes often contains beef, chicken, mutton or fish; but never pork as Malay food needs to be halal. Chinese dishes often contains pork. Indian dishes are often vegetarian; and they never contain beef (though Indians do eat chicken, mutton and fish). Most dishes will be served with some vegetables; either mixed through the dish or served as a side dish.

“Best Local Food” is a special programme organise by OneApps and endorsed by Lembaga Pelindung & Kebajikan Pengguna Malaysia. We want to promote all restaurant at Malaysia through our Oneapps website and application. Every restaurant collaborating with oneapps will be a lot of benefits such as increasing the number of customers, the food served is recognized and customers are more confident with the food in the restaurant.

1. Video shooting and footage around the restaurant

Oneapps Group Sdn Bhd will make a video shooting at the restaurant. With a team of experience videographer and up-to-date hardware and software, we will make a high quality and attractive video for the restaurant. There is also an interview session with the owner so that the information of the restaurant and the foods served there will be highlited in the video. The owner can also promote and invite people to their restaurant during the video recording session.

Once the video prepared and edited by us, we will give the master copy to the restaurant owner. We will also upload the video to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media network to promote the restaurant so that it will be viewed by people from Malaysia and other countries.

2. Bunting and television promotion sticker

Oneapps Group Sdn Bhd will provide bunting and television promotion sticker at the restaurant. It is to make sure everyone know that the restaurant is one of the best local food restaurant in Malaysia. This items will also boost the image of the restaurant and part of marketing tools.

3. Website and social media promotion

OneApps will promote the restaurant in OneApps and also in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and the video will be uploaded to Youtube so that the restaurant get more exposure and gain more customer. This promotion is valid for 2 months and after the period end, the owner have to join us.

4. ‘Certificate of Achievement’ issued by Oneapps Group Sdn Bhd

This ‘Certificate of Achievement’ is given to the restaurant as a testament from Oneapps Group Sdn Bhd and LPKPM verifying that restaurant is listed among the best restaurants in Malaysia. To receive this certificate, the restaurant must provide the best cooking taste, quality of ingrediants used in food preparation, tempting food presentation, clean workspace and also the politeness and friendly staff towards attending the customers.

5. ‘Rakan Niaga Certificate’ issued by LPKPM

‘Rakan Niaga Certificate’ that issued by LPKPM is given to the restaurant as an important proof that the restaurant is endorsed by LPKPM in the food and beverage category. By receiving this certificate, the restaurant can boost their image as this certificate is valid all throughout Malaysia.

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“Best Malaysia Local Food Award” is an annual event to recognize and choose Malaysia’s best local food in every state in Malaysia. The award giving ceremony will be held at hotel and will be attended by Malaysia businessmen and businesswomen in the industry as well as VIPs.

This event is important to our local food entrepreneur to prove to the Malaysians and the rest of the world that Malaysia with diverse culture and race such as Malay, Chinese, Indian and others have their own best food. All of them with their unique and delicious taste dishes will compete in this final event that will crown the winner with ‘Best Malaysia Local Food Award’.

We award only to the best in taste, preparation, presentation, cleanliness and hospitality. With all these standards meet, we believe that your business will be known not just in Malaysia but also in other countries as well as OneApps will promote your business worldwide.

– 1 table seat for gala dinner
– 1 trophy
– 1 certificate
– full page advertisement in business award magazine