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 The Lata Berembun (Lata means “waterfall” or “cataract” in Malay) is widely considered as one of the best natural treasures of Pahang state. And you have to visit the waterfall in order to comprehend this statement, like what I did recently. All this while, I always wondered why people would take all the trouble to visit this hard-to-reach waterfall, even coming all the way from Singapore, when they have nice waterfalls much nearer and easier to get to; well, now I know why.

Only after spending a night here with a group of friends, would I comprehend why it is well known amongst nature lovers and waterfall connoisseurs in Malaysia. Lata Berembun is located deep within the Benom range, and is not too far from the borders of the Krau Wildlife Reserve, one of the most important conservation areas in Peninsular Malaysia (unfortunately off-limits to most people as it is not a national park). From the waterfall, which is at an altitude of around 800 m asl (if not mistaken), the trailhead to Gunung Benom (2107 m) begins. The trailhead starts some way before the last bridge to the falls, marked by signboards, and involves 4 days ascending and descending in all.

The main cascade of the Lata Berembun waterfall. There is a constant cool wind blowing from the powerful flow of the cascading water.

 The crystal clear Berembun river flowing down after the falls.

The rainforest surrounding Lata Berembun is probably of the Upper Hill Dipterocarp forest subtype at its lowermost limit, which soon transitions into the Upper Hill Dipterocarp subtype proper above and beyond the main cascade, and is noticeable if one scrambles up the side trail alongside the waterfalls. The trees and even the ground soon start to be festooned with mosses, which become noticeably thicker and more abundant the higher one ventures. If you climb above 1200 m asl, you will find yourself in the oak laurel montane forest zone, where the dominant trees are no longer dipterocarps, but oaks and laurels.

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