Sportsman of 2015, Al Jufferi said, had the organizers should not be accepted as it would affect the momentum of the national team for the challenges of each tournament entered the 17th edition.


“As long as I get the World Championship, I had never experienced this kind. For example earlier, we’ve done the training sessions and warm up from early morning, suddenly the fixtures we put into the evening. That is not possible.

“Another example, should my opponent yesterday, but he (the organizers) main call today. I have to be ready all day because the schedule is very disordered. There is a chance my opponent got tonight, who knows?

“Another case of our fighters (state), Muhammad Robial Sobri (Crown Class H) are supposed to be declared the winner because the opponents did not come on the day of the match yesterday, but they (the organizers) for the period until today. But today did not come, so announced Robial win, “he told reporters at the Arena Sports Lila Bhuana, here.

Meanwhile, national coach, Nasri Nasir pointed out, the national team will not have to make it as an excuse, but must be prepared to face a range of possible. “Indeed, there is little impact mainly we do not get enough rest. But it was not an excuse for us not playing well.

“I always emphasize that they should be ready with whatever obstacles that come both from the perspective of the organizers,” he said.

Source : Internet