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Baby Iguana Running From Snakes – Better Than James Bond?


Thursday, 2 Feb 2017 : A terrifying chase scene from British naturalist David Attenborough’s new project is getting a lot of love online.

The “characters” – a baby iguana and a handful of snarling racer snakes hunting as a pack – are featured in Attenborough’s sequel of sorts to his hit documentary series, Planet Earth.

The show premiered on the channel BBC Earth – it comes in HD version, too – on Nov 6 with the episode Islands; more than nine million viewers tuned in to watch it on that day.

Filmed on Isla Fernandina on the Galapagos Islands, the baby iguana chase scene has been the talk of social media pages for the past few days, with many viewers describing it as something out of a James Bond flick.

Others compare the scene to their worst nightmare, which, understandably would be true for those suffering from a horrifying fear of snakes!

On Nov 8, thanks to the scene’s global popularity, a new clip has been released by BBC Earth, giving us a look behind the scenes at how the whole thing was shot.

Planet Earth II comprises six episodes. Each one features the lives of animals living in different environments around the world. Attenborough, 90, narrates each episode, obviously.

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