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Australia fight corruption tennis

MELBOURNE – Australia Tennis Association (ATA) has appointed two investigating officer to conduct an investigation into the ATA Integrity Unit to ensure that the organization of the Grand Slam Australian Open in January next year is not tainted corruption.

Last year, many players expressed dissatisfaction with the results of matches of the Australian Open dubious, but said ATA Integrity Unit failed to conduct thorough and transparent investigation to resolve all such complaints.


ATA Integrity Unit, led by Ann West now investigated two investigating officers appointed governing body of professional tennis and the country is ready to continue the investigation to justice if there is enough evidence to file charges in court.

“Although there is still no evidence regarding doubts about corruption in Australian tennis parent organization, we realize there is a potential for the occurrence of corruption. To get a definite answer, we appoint an investigating officer who has a criminal background investigation, “said ATA.

In April, former Australian professional tennis player, Nick Lindahl convicted in court after being found involved in match-fixing activities of local and fined

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