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Are you just feeling dizzy, or is it something more serious?

Thursday, 22 June 2017 : Dizziness can have many different causes, and any possible treatment will depend on those.

However, one thing is true whatever is causing the problem.

“You should not just live with it. The patient should not give up until the right diagnosis has been found and an effective therapy is in place,” says Michael Strupp of the German Society of Neurology.

Strupp is convinced that, in 95 per cent of all cases, patients can get help.

For that to happen, however, it is important for the affected person to describe their issues as accurately as possible.

Four aspects are important for the diagnosis: the timing, the type of dizziness, likely trigger mechanisms or amplifiers, and any issues that may come up along with the dizziness.

Rotatory vertigo feels like being on a merry-go-round, while staggering vertigo feels like being on a boat, says Wolfgang Heide, head of the dizziness division at the general hospital in the German town of Celle.

Some patients will get dizzy when they get out of bed in the morning.

This could be due to so-called benign positional vertigo, says Dirk Esser, president of the German Society of Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine and Head and Throat Surgery.

“Tiny crystals in the inner ear become dislodged and, with certain movements, irritate the sensory hair cells, thus triggering the dizziness,” Esser explains.

Motion sickness is a particular type of dizziness.

“The balance system becomes disturbed,” Esser says. On a swaying ship, for example, the perception of the eyes and the balance organs will not be in complete agreement, and that is why we get dizzy.

Treating dizziness

Treatment for dizziness will depend on what is causing it.

Physiotherapy will help against benign positional vertigo, Strupp says, as the patient will learn exercises to put the dislodged crystals back in place.

There are also various types of medication to ease symptoms or tackle the causes of the problem.

The crucial point is to keep insisting until things get better.

The first stop, unless you suspect you may be having a heart attack, will be your family doctor.

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