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AirAsia India condemns behaviour of two drunk passengers

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

PETALING JAYA: AirAsia India condemns the disruptive behaviour of 2 drunk passengers on a flight from Guwahati to Bengaluru in India on Sunday.

In a statement on Tuesday, AirAsia India said that the incident occurred on its Flight i5 1983 after the 2 passengers boarded the flight under the influence of alcohol.

The captain and the cabin crew described the behaviour of the duo as “unruly and disruptive”.

“The alleged passengers in question, inconsiderate of flying etiquette, caused much disturbance by not only being extremely loud, but were uncouth in their behaviour displayed in causing nuisance to cabin crew as well,” it said.

AirAsia India criticised the actions of the passengers, saying that there were “implications that directly lead to the safety and security of cabin crew and guests onboard”.

The police was immediately informed and interrogated the 2 passengers when the flight landed in Bengaluru.

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