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Aceh to stop public caning

Monday, 17 July 2017

JAKARTA: 2 months after Indonesia’s most conservative province drew international headlines for publicly caning 2 young gay men for having sex with each other, the governor is considering making such whippings private to avoid negative media attention and prevent any adverse impact on outside investment.

The proposed changes in Aceh province have caused a stir in Indonesia ever since local media reported that President Joko Widodo had met newly inaugurated Governor Irwandi Yusuf to discuss ways to improve the province’s international image.

Vice-Governor Nova Iriansyah said that because of the international attention on public whippings, “we will minimise press coverage and conduct it inside prisons. Right now it’s in front of the mosque, right after Friday prayers.”

The governor’s office emphasised the provisional nature of the discussions to end public canings. It also noted that the decision required approval from Muslim scholars and Aceh’s legislature. Long-time critics of public caning said yesterday that they were glad to hear the punishment might be phased out.

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