Formula 1 -  Australia Grand Prix

The triple world champion has raised the ire of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff after the Briton was a violation of team orders during the race taking place in an attempt to prevent Rosberg from restricting his business world title for the fourth time.

However, Rosberg managed to complete the action in the second position at the season that was enough to win the German’s new world champion for the 2016 season.

In the race yesterday, Hamilton is seen as if it did not help his teammates when exposed to overtake Rosberg to opponents.


He said deliberately slowing the machinery to allow the machinery Red Bulls and Ferraris overtake Rosberg in an attempt to prevent the German rider won podium results.

The situation angered Wolff asserting, any individual that trigger a situation of anarchy or an attempt destabilize the situation not be allowed to work with the team and any company.

“Hitting the structure means you put a priority on yourself than the team. We also feel the action is not listening to instructions like not honoring the team and I definitely do not want to point fingers or continue to let this pain, “said Wolff.

Source : Internet