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7 Accessories Men Teaser Women

7 Accessories Men Teaser Women!



 1. Watch
– For most men, the watches are encased neatly in the wrist is something very important. In addition to looking at the role of time, a watch is able to measure the thickness of the pocket of the man.

There are some men who are concerned with the price of the watch. The more expensive, more stylish and easier for her to fall in love.

2. Ring
– Use the ring has become a trend among men. For a career are not excluded. However, for the memory of men of Islam, although the use of rings is one of the Sunnah Prophet s.a.w 1, but its application only on the ring finger and little finger and instead of plating GOLD.

3.Dark Sunglasses
– Dark glasses make men look more cool and very stylish when in the sun. Not only currently function as eye protection, dark glasses also between male accessory that displays the charisma of a person.

If you want to have dark glasses, make sure you buy a match with the shape of your face either round, oval, square and so on.

4. Cufflinks
– The use of this accessory is not widespread and is often men who wear the status of the executive. Cufflinks symbolizes someone successful in his career. It is usually worn with a shirt of French Cuff.

5. Hats
– As with dark glasses, a hat is not just stylish but useful complement to protect the face from the hot weather. If seen, today’s fashion show various types of hats that suit worn by men.

6. Belts
– The use of complementary style belt that is already synonymous with men. The use of belt rather than just to tighten loose pants, but also act as a fashion item.

7. Tie

– Accessories are complementary styles of men for the office. Usually tie worn with a shirt either in tone or different.




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