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59 pirate websites blocked in Australia

Saturday, 19 August 2017 :  A Federal Court in Australia has ordered 59 pirate websites in Australia to be blocked following a battle with a number of Australian and Hollywood film studios.

According to Brisbane Times, Village Roadshow, an Australian film studio backed by Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Disney and 21st Century Fox and local pay TV provider Foxtel have been waging a legal war against pirating websites in several court cases.

In the first case involving Village Roadshow, a court ordered Australian internet service providers to block 42 piracy sites.

According to the news report, Village Roadshow alleged the sites were infringing in thirteen films and TV series.

Among the series involved include The Lego Movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Big Bang Theory.

Co-chief executive of Village Roadshow Graham Burke said that today was a “great day in Australia.”

“[There was] no reason to pirate anymore because movies are now available in a timely fashion and the price is as cheap or similar.”

In a separate case brought by Foxtel, 17 more websites were ordered to be blocked.

The orders coincided with a major anti-piracy campaign by Creative Content Australia headed by actor Bryan Brown on Friday.


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