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3 tips for getting the most out of your workout sessions

Monday, 10 July 2017 :  So now that you’ve motivated yourself to begin, how do you keep at it? Honestly, how many times have any of us started a new exercise programme only to have our enthusiasm fizzle after a week?

It’s obvious all over social media that people love to share their final goals and success stories, but not the tough journey to get there. This can make others feel that their efforts aren’t good enough.

But it takes commitment to show up at the starting line. Make no exception: every personal achievement matters. So here are three important but overlooked tips to keep you on track.

Partner up

You have a few choices here. If your budget allows, hire a personal trainer. People who have done this can tell you: paying to have someone make you stick to a workout programme is a great idea.

Partnering with a friend on the same journey as you is another awesome plan. Once you’re set up, even on days when you don’t want to exercise, the responsibility of having a spotter waiting for you will motivate you to get over your reluctance.

Another option is to take classes. Fascinated by mixed martial arts? Sign up for lessons. Want to dance like a choreographer? Enrol in dance workshops. Plenty of gyms and studios teach classes, and being in a group situation can be really inspiring – and it’s an excellent way to make friends, too.

Limit your workout time

Now you’re all fired up over your new workout routine, your gym buddy and your studio classes, be careful! The surest way to burn out quickly is to overdo your programme right at the beginning.

When we exercise, our muscles burn carbohydrates and that generates excess body heat. Our body sweats to cool down and the loss of fluids reduces blood volume. When we lose water, we also lose electrolytes. The conclusion of all this is straight-up fatigue.

So keep your initial workouts anywhere from 30-40 minutes for a start. Having a scheduled block of time is also a good motivator, and having a set end period is the best way to make sure you don’t exert yourself beyond your limits.

Keep hydrated

Our body makes all kinds of changes as we work out. Our heart beats faster, our respiratory system kicks into a higher gear, and we use up lots of body fluids.

We need to replace what we’ve lost to avoid fatigue, and water is one way to remain hydrated. When choosing a hydrating beverage, however, we must also consider that we’re not just losing water with exercise but also salts, sugars and minerals.

That’s where isotonic drinks come in. These drinks are specially formulated to restore balance to our bodies and to allow quicker absorption of carbohydrates to help refuel our muscles, as well as electrolytes to replenish what we lose in sweat.

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