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2AM’s Jeong Jin-woon says filming smoking scenes was hard as he is a non-smoker

2AM member Jeong Jin-woon is the latest K-pop artiste to venture in to acting. His new film, Brother, sees him star as a rookie detective fighting for justice in a corrupt world.

In an interview with Sports Chosun on Oct 7, Jeong shared his experience on getting into character, particularly when it came to filming smoking scenes. Often times in a crime fiction, the detective is depicted with a cigarette in hand; and this was exactly the case for Jeong.

He expressed that filming the scenes was difficult as he is a non-smoker.

“There was a scene where my character smoked during an action scene in the movie. I learned to smoke from a smoker for about two to three months before filming. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really (like) cigarettes,” he said, adding that his voice was affected by the smoking.

He continued: “People were worried for me because of this scene. And then, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to quit smoking. However, I immediately succeeded in quitting smoking.”

The singer said he would immediately throw the cigarettes away after the scenes were done.

In the movie, Jeong plays Kang Soo, who is working undercover in a crime organisation alongside its boss Yong Shik, played by Jo Jae-yoon.

Jeong made his acting debut in July this year in the comedy-horror film Only I Can See. The action-packed Brother was released in South Korea on Oct 7.

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