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2016 Ice hockey star, Loxby top

2016 is coming to an end, in the past year, the ice hockey sector and which players have had excellent play, to the fans left a deep impression … …

 No. 1 Sidney Clos-Pittsburgh Penguins

  As the captain of the Penguins, Klose than 2016 in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs in the outstanding performance, scored 6 goals, sent 13 assists to help Penguin team won the team in the history of the fourth championship, g Los than I also won the playoff MVP. In the Toronto World Cup in September, Klose than to help the Canadian team won the championship, and to 3 goals, sent 7 assists to win the World Cup MVP. In the ongoing NHL16-17 season, Klose has scored 26 goals in the scoring lead, he is undoubtedly the 2016 hockey world’s best players.

  No.2 Alex Ovechkin The Capital of Washington

  As the captain of the capital team, Ovechkin in the NHL 15-16 season, scored 50 goals in the regular season, the fourth consecutive season to become the league’s most players, which is the seventh time in his career to achieve a single season 50 + goals, not only that, he also attacked the NHL career 500th ball, and become the most goals of the Russian players. Ovechkin participated in this year’s World Championships in Russia to help host the bronze medal in the NHL16-17 season, Ovechkin has now scored 16 goals in the scoring list ranked seventh.

  No.3 Jerome Younger Florida Panthers

  44-year-old Czech striker Younger still no intention to retire in the NHL 15-16 season, he scored 27 goals and sent 39 assists to help the Panthers to break into the playoffs in the 16-17 season, Younger scored 6 goals, sent 15 assists, he not only became the NHL history, the number of goals in the third more than 750 players, and in December 22nd won the first 1888 career points, as the history of the NHL points The second player, in the new year, the veteran will also be more impact to the miracle.

  No.4 Connor McDowell Edmonton Oilers

  McDavy is the NHL draft pick in 2015, his first season in the Oilers suffered injuries, but still scored 16 goals and sent 32 assists in the summer of this year’s World Championship in Russia, Mike David On behalf of the Canadian team played, into a ball and sent 8 assists to help the Canadian team won the championship in the subsequent World Cup in Toronto, McDavy on behalf of the North American team, sent three assists. In the NHL season, Mike Dave scored 13 goals, sent 29 assists, 42 points in the league tied for the first total in the new year, he will also help the oilers to shock after a long time Of the playoffs.

  No.5 Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leaf

  19-year-old Matthews in the beginning of this year’s World Youth Championship scored 7 goals to help the US team won the bronze medal in the Russian World Championships, Matthews scored 6 goals and sent 3 assists for the US team won fourth place. In this summer’s NHL draft, Matthews in the first round of the first overall pick by the Toronto Maple Leafs, as the draft pick, in his first NHL game, Matthews scared four, in one fell swoop scored four goals. Up to now, he has 17 goals recorded, ranked fifth in scoring.

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