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World’s largest natural crystal museum becomes Penang tourist attraction

GEORGE TOWN: The world’s largest natural Crystal Museum located at No 15, Lorong Baru, here now has become the Penang’s latest tourist attraction.

The museum’s founder, Ong Siu Huat said the museum showcased 100% natural crystal collection and has over 2,000 pieces of natural exquisite crystals that were available in Malaysia, mostly found in Gunung Keriang, Kedah.

“The visitors will have the opportunity to hold the various shapes of crystals such as keris, shoes, flower, elephant, durian and crocodile besides sensing the aura and energy from the crystal,” he toldBernama here.

He said in August 2014, the museum was recognised by the Malaysian Book of Records as the largest museum of Natural Crystal in Malaysia.

“We are working to complete all the requirements for applying Guinness World Record as the largest Natural Crystal Museum in the world,” he said.

He added that nearly 95% of crystals displayed in the museum were calcite crystals that were not processed but well conserved.

Ong who began collecting crystals since 1999, said he also watered the crystals with mineral water or purified water without chlorine every week, so that they remained beautiful and sparkled.

The two-floor museum is open to the public from 9.30am until 6.30pm every day.

The entrance fee is RM20 for adults, RM10 for children and RM15 for senior citizens (over 60 year old) to all permanent residents, while for tourists, RM30 for adults, RM15 for children and RM20 for senior citizens. — Bernama

Source: The Sun Daily News

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