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Showstopping Coats

Well, maybe not showstopping, but certainly striking enough to delay one while photographers stall you for a snap. Statement outerwear, from patterns to primary colours, colour-blocking to exaggerated cuts, hit hard for AW16, with most of menswear’s dons covering up in eye-catching styles.

Granted, this is fashion week, and you’re (understandably) probably not all that hot on the idea of shelling out wads of your hard-earned cash for a coat you could only get away with wearing a couple of times a year. Nodding your head in agreement? Then swerve the photographer bait for something less brash: like one of the several forest green styles, or the Woost’s colour-block design. Boss.


The New Neutral

Still think wintry conditions call for a rotation of nothing but black, grey and navy? Think again. Think again and then check out the evidence below that proves wearing lighter colours in winter ain’t no thing.

Lighter neutrals – that’s off-white, stone, beige and lighter shades of brown, like tan – are every bit as wearable as their darker brothers. The key is committing to the palette head-to-toe, mixing up your shades for depth or using them as a counterpoint to black and navy. And having your dry cleaner on speed dial. Just saying.


Keep Rollin’

Fashion industry bods have – despite some evidence to the contrary – two main objectives when dressing themselves for winter fashion weeks: look sick, and stay warm. Hence, roll necks. Everywhere. In fact, we’re confident we could count the number of actual necks we saw on just one hand.

Which is testament to this knit’s ease of wear across the board – whether you take yours chunky and ribbed or in a form-fitting fine-gauge. We would, at this point, unfurl a detailed walk through for wearing roll necks but, really, there isn’t one. Apart from always remembering to roll the actual neck of the jumper down over itself. Sounds obvious but, well, you’d be surprised.


Head-To-Toe Monochrome

That fashion types wear black is a well-worn stereotype. Because it’s true – and it’s for good reason they do it, too: wearing black and grey from top to bottom looks sophisticated, satisfies most dress codes and shaves time off your morning routine, not to mention any post-holiday pounds that still need shifting.

Take your cue from menswear’s finest by breaking your look up with different textures: wool and cashmere; cotton and wool; nylon and cotton – you get the picture. For extra points, make the jump from all-black and grey to all-blue.





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