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Men’s fashion shoes trends spring-summer 2016



Spring-summer 2016 season promises to be less extravagant than fall-winter, because Men’s fashion shoes collections presented at Milan fashion week looked quite acceptable. Today we will discuss Men’s fashion shoes trends spring-summer 2016.

So, for a strong half of humanity, designers offer to wear following men’s footwear trends:

  • Gumshoes with high platform,
  • Men’s slip on shoes made from dense fabric or denim,
  • Sneakers with inflated bootleg,
  • Men’s dress shoes without laces,
  • Sandals,
  • Sandals without straps.

Regarding the decor, everything is modest, or it is completely absent, maybe a pair of laces and stripe.



Popular colors for men’s footwear are going to be aquamarine, burnt leaves, burgundy, and purple in any displays. They might not form the basis of the entiremen’s fashion shoes, but present only as catchy and memorable, perhaps more aggressive touch. However, many designers offer a military style for women while in men’s footwear such nuances will be even more relevant.

The most topical men’s dress shoes for Spring-summer 2016 season are models of men’s fashion shoes with perforations. The ability to “breathe” for the feet in hot season is one of the mandatory requirements for men’s footwear, regardless of any trends.



Men’s dress shoes for Spring-summer 2016 season, according to photos from fashion shows, made from bright burgundy leather, yellow and orange suede. The flashy red is another direction in the color scheme of men’s formal shoes. Oliver Spencer has begun and now continues this tendency. It suffices to recall a pair of cherry men’s formal shoes with lacing and massive brown sole. Fashion designers from fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna supported this trend, but slightly refrained in terms of color shade and offered a contrasting black sole.




Men’s fashion shoes for spring-summer 2016 season can be openly called the period for bold resolute men, who are not afraid to take radical decisions and want to stand out from the crowd. In addition, it does not matter in what these aspirations are expressed, in the shoes ultra-bright color or a small, but cast design element of a new pair.


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