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1. Baseball Caps

Keep things relaxed and laid-back with caps for casual spring/summer looks. Reference nineties street style with darker hues like Calvin Klein Collection and accompany white t-shirts with muted tan caps featured in Versace and Balmain. Switch things up with different shapes and tones. Tame your bed head with a washed out baseball cap to keep things casual and preppy or ground colourful looks with black and navy caps.

Caps runway trend 2015 2016 summer

2. Bandana Neckerchiefs

Bandana neckerchiefs were the accessory highlights in the Louis Vuitton, Margaret Howell and Hermes collections. Interpret this trend with a loose fitting bandana, maintaining versatility by making its incorporation in your outfits more youthful and palatable for casual looks. Ensure your bandanas are longer and able to produce scout-worthy knots.

Neck Ties runway trend 2015 2016 summer


3. Slip On Shoes

Maintain casual, yet put together looks with the humble slipper. In a range of materials for spring and summer, the options are endless with the latest styles and shapes which provide a comfortable and polished finish. Keep things classic by pairing slippers with traditionalist trenches reminiscent of Burberry Prorsum or incorporate a slipper with more colourful, casual looks a la Moschino. Keep trousers well tailored when trying out the slipper trend, maintaining the outfit balance.

Slipper runway trend 2015 2016 summer

4. Long Scarves

Wear the long scarf trend in versatile colours and thinner fabrics. Adapt long scarves for casual days or wear them with the more corporate looks. This accessory is a great accompaniment with trenches or light spring jackets. Choose vibrant colours to make a statement or opt for washed out patterns for laid-back spring day looks.

Long Scarves runway trend 2015 2016 summer


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