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Although there are a variety of colors and models contact lenses on the market, some of us who still prefer to style the glasses because it is considered more practical and easy. Hijab cover the entire head except the face. Therefore, it is quite complicated for some women to wear hijab glasses together.

1. How big your hijab

Semi-rimmed glasses framed or not is the best choice to wear hijab as large as khimars Gulf, Iranian chador and veil trailing Malaysia. Wearing thick-rimmed glasses that will only make your face look too ‘hidden’.


2. Pattern hijab

Never matching hijab which many patterns with glasses that are too luxurious and stylish. If you wear hijab prominent, choose black-rimmed glasses classic and simple.

If you want to wear a fancy-framed glasses and a stylish, forget the scarf-patterned scarf, rectangular scarf and put on a brief.


3. Color your hijab

Color eyeglass frames should complement your hijab color you choose, rather than match it with the same color.

For example, the hijab is not patterned in black will look attractive when worn with colored glasses fuschia / pink, cream-colored belly while the hood looks elegant when paired with classic glasses in black. Hijab brownish also correspond to a blue-rimmed glasses. Cool color match with warm colors.

4. Concentration and color brightness hijab

Color selection of eyeglass frames you also must be more subtle and fade when the color of your choice hijab increasingly concentrated and bright.

Conversely, if you wear a hijab with a dull, eyeglass frames that light is suitable to be worn with it.



5. How does it shape your face veil

By wearing hijab loose, non-rimmed glasses or have a steel frame will make you look like a grandmother. Choose a rimmed glasses filled to more appealing and attractive style.



6. Fashion hijab you choose

Never fit a lot of turns hijab (turban style, style Hana Tajima) with luxury-framed glasses and too trendy. You will not look stylish if you too hard in the parade.


For women with hijab, fashionable with sunglasses may be the one thing that is quite difficult.

Sometimes eyeglass frames that are trapped in the ear you will be uncomfortable, but can cause headaches that interfere. The resulting small room when wearing glasses can also cause your hair protruding through it. Wearing glasses on the inside will damage the hijab veil, while if used on the outside, maybe it will slip out of your face.



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