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5 Ways Joint Styling Scarves with Jewelry

5 Ways Joint Styling Scarves with Jewelry

Dressed in clothing accessories have become an increasingly popular trend of the season to the season. We have several theories how this happened. The first theory is that women like shiny stuff. There must be a scientific study that can prove. Second theory is, they can trim and decorate clothing that was originally very simple.

1. Chain statement

It can be worn as a hijab to serve as an attraction, especially if it’s oversized. If you are a turbanista, you just have to wear this chain in the normal way.

There is some difficulty in wearing this chain. Women’s hijab have to adjust layers of fabric under the chain’s hijab, or learn to put the chains around your neck and under the veil without creating lumps in the lining of the veil. The best way is to flick a few layers of veil in the neck and wearing chains. Look at how beautiful some of the styling statement chain.


Rantai statement 1

This appearance suggests that the simplest way to a perfect to wear statement necklaces.

Rantai statement 2

Chains statement need not look trendy. This appearance suggests that the chains statement can consist of classic style and timeless. Pearls is suitable for women of any age; it is a simple step that can be taken by women who are mature, and for younger wearers, it adds a bit of improvement to their appearance.

Rantai statement 3

Wearing a chain statement to the usual places may make your heart flutter. Are you going to look too hard if you wear it to the grocery store or when you want to go out drinking with some friends? I want to make some contestant, “No!” He was able to highlight the clothes that you style and make you ready for a busy day. And if you bumped into an old friend or an enemy while wearing it, you will feel proud for this beautiful styling accessories.

Rantai statement 4

This proves that you do not need to create a great attraction; you can create a smooth and beautiful attractions.

Rantai statement 5

One of our favorite chain statement necklace is Peter Pan. You can highlight this chain with scarf-shawl to produce a radiant appearance as well appears simple.


2. Put the chain on top of your head

Yes, that is what is written above. You can use your chain as ornaments on the head. This step is only suitable for some occasions, but it was hardly your everyday style. If so, there is no problem for you pose on a typical day.


Meletakkan rantai pada atas kepala anda 1

For a more casual look in style the jewelry on your hijab, money is one item that is more compact. And do not forget the hair clips: if it’s encrusted with jewels, beautiful or cute, Clip it on the front of the veil as you do for your hair.

Meletakkan rantai pada atas kepala anda 2

3. Subang

Wearing the hijab is an earring with a little hard to do. You do not want to look like Dumbo the Elephant with big earrings which creates the illusion as if you have big ears! To resolve this, change the way you wear the hijab. By wearing a turban or a hijab with loose, you can wear and highlight your earrings without revealing your neck.


Subang 1

Turbanista will have no problem to wear earrings. Even if you cover your neck with a scarf on, you will still be able to style this look. Subang it will depend on the edges properly without making you look like a weird alien creatures.

Subang 2

4. Bangles and rings

Wearing jewelry one hand is the usual type of styling – wear your jewelry under the sleeves or at the end of the sleeve of the ring.


Gelang tangan dan cincin

5. Belts

Whether you want to create an intriguing fashion or add a twist on the usual clothes, the belt can help you do that. Sometimes, you do not need other accessories as a belt you can complete the whole look! There are many things you need to know; starting with the belt until how to pose.


Tali Pinggang 1

Belt simple and consists of a single color will not divert the focus of the crowd of your clothes, but it makes your body physique.

Tali Pinggang 2

In addition to functioning as a fashion, belt is also very useful when used. You can customize it with a casual outfit with only wear it on a belt, to produce more lean physique appearance and neat.

Tali Pinggang 3



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